Saturday, October 10, 2009

:::Idiot Revision:::

Here's what I'm thinking of today.

I had my wires crossed during conference weekend (aside, what is the capitalization rule for General conference? I see on the church homepage that they write 'General conference', while I've always thought it was 'General Conference.' I guess the website is right, but I just don't know...). 'Stop being an idiot' was about something completely different, about an unrelated stumbling block that I've been trying to get passed for a long time. I've got the answer now and that stumbling block is dust -- ta da! Burden unburdened. I've stopped being an idiot.

Now I see all the layers and beautiful depths in the General conference (Conference) messages. I will devour my Ensign when it comes, for sure.

Here's something else that I'm thinking about -- I do not like Sunday dinner, your roasts, your rolls, your green beans, your mashed potatoes. In my house I will marvel at the goodness of the Lord over spicy yellow curry and sticky Calrose rice. Amen.


Jill said...

Way to conquer a stumbling block in a week's time!

I always feel like both words should be capitalized too.

I love traditional Sunday dinners, but then again I'm not an adventurous eater at all.

Sarah said...

I like all food. I don't care what day I eat it =)

I think they should both be capitalized. That's confusing to me.

Sarah said...

The newsroom is capitalizing each word. Those peeps need to get their stories straight =)

emilysuze said...

I'd capitalize both words because it's the proper name of an organized event. Someone didn't have a good editor that day...or maybe it's some obscure rule that I don't know about. :)

And who doesn't love some yummy yellow curry? I'm still trying to find a) a good recipe or b) a good place to order it from.

michelle said...

I capitalize both words as well. Seems like a proper noun to me!

I love curry in all its forms.

It's amazing to conquer a stumbling block like that! You go, girl!

scrambled brains said...

The Bauers had chicken tikka masala for Sunday dinner. Great minds think alike!