Wednesday, March 4, 2009

:::according to plan:::

some times i think i want to get married.

many times i think i want my garden flat in london.

occasionally i think i want my garden flat in london + the spoils and praise of babylon.

there is nothing about garden flats in the plan of salvation.

the downside of remaining single = no posterity, no man, no social acceptance, tears at church 4ever, working for life.

the upside to staying single = garden flats, me time 4ever, personal space, money for me and no one else, travel, i'm in charge, regular sleep, no man, independence...ahem, i'll stop.

a lot of times, i feel...torn.

today my doctor put me on a new prescription that may increase libido.

hot damn!

things may change.


mom said...

Your mother doesn't want to think about that.

rebekah said...

neither has any man i've ever met, let's be honest.

Sarah said...

Sometimes, I want to be single too. I think it's okay to find value in different paths.

Libido, eh? I love that word. It's a funny word to say. Li-bi-do. HA HA

scrambled brains said...

Libido is overrated. Take the garden flat in London!

MBC said...

If you get the garden flat, I want to come visit. Try to get a garden flat with attractive single British men as neighbors.

Jill said...

It's a dilemma for sure, especially the older one gets. I talk about this with my sister Lori (who is 32 and single) often and she feels the same way. The not-getting married side of the scale keeps getting better and better.

Rachael said...

Please update us all on your current hormone levels and how you are managing the increase. Your public wants to know.