Monday, March 16, 2009

:::a new day:::

this morning when i was doing my hair, i looked in the bathroom mirror and said, "i look really good today, really good." farewell, ashy skin. get the hence dull eyes.

then a minute later i snapped my head up and exclaimed, "and the world didn't end last night!"

cuz we were all thinkin' it might, weren't we?


michelle said...

Rebekah, after reading your thoughtful comments on my blog, I had to come check out yours. Your banner alone sucked me in! Knitting, folded books, ivy, delicious food, and what appears to be an old journal?? Love it.

Oh, and I read the article you linked. Very dignified indeed. It makes me feel a little proud.

Jill said...

It's a rare day that I think "Hey, I'm looking good today" but when they happen I'm so excited about it. I had a particularly good eyelash day once last week and I swear it put a spring in my step.