Sunday, March 8, 2009

:::this sunday:::

my 'duh' moment of the day, brought to you by the two non-coordinating necklaces that i wore to church, not realizing when i put the second necklace on that i was already wearing one. awesome.

because of an extremely late night, and the fact that we lost an hour of sleep due to daylight saving time, i came home from church and took a four hour nap. i woke up feeling a bit loopy and a little hazy.

it's now 1 am, and i'm not the least bit tired. awesome.

a few hours ago my friend brought me some ice unexpectedly. i still need to tell you about my ocd ice water habit. anyhow, her little act of kindness saved me a trip down and up four flights of stairs. awesome.
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Rachel and Jeremy said...

I like the way the necklaces look together. I have almost no jewelry but often wish I did, so I admire people with a flair for accessorizing. You've got it, my friend.