Thursday, March 19, 2009

:::for my sins:::

{edited to fix pictures. this better work sohelpme!}

i haven't been good about blogging lately. my life force is slowly being drained from my soul...

anyhow, if i don't blog my life just slips past, so i offer this small post as 'something is better than nothing.'

:::pictures in pink and orange:::

{ignore the mess, i moved rooms last weekend*}

someone in the office today gave away two ivy plants in a raffle, and i won one of them! i snatched the plant with the most even growth and the nicest container. of course you can't see it because i didn't think of that when i was taking this picture...{sigh}...but it's a cute white crock.

i have no idea why this picture is so stinking pink...{deep breath}...serenity now...anyhow, i love that it looks like someone painted different shades of green on each leaf.

my nail growing experiment has taken an unforeseen detour. instead of growing out wonderful flat nails like my mother, my nails curl under at the sides and grow out a bit skiwampus...{exhale}...tonight i filed them down on the sides, and now i'm going for more of a 1950's-pointed-and-rounded look. i had to paint them otherwise they look pretty silly.

one more day, friends. one more day and it will be the weekend and i can write about the good* things that have happened lately. plus, i still need to update you on my progress with {work} in that march is halfway over...{exhale} know the rest.


Rachel and Jeremy said...

I am wishing for the weekend myself. Clara has been sick since Tuesday--like fever, cold, ear infection, incessant whining... The weekend will do me good. Hang in there!

Jill said...

I'm bummed that I can't see any of the pictures, I hope that's temporary.

I hope your life force isn't really being drained from your soul...will the weekend remedy that?

Jill said...

Now I can see the pictures!

Hey, I need you to email me (

michelle said...

Those ivy leaves really do look like they were painted! My nails grow all skewampus, too. I hate that. I never paint them because I doubt polish would stay on, I use my hands so much, but it would be a good disguise...

Here's hoping you can regain some life force over the weekend!

mom said...

I have always hated my flat nails. Gramma's the one with the killer nails!