Sunday, March 22, 2009

:::the move:::

so, last week i moved from my tiny, tiny, galley style room to a much bigger room on the third floor. i've been waiting for this move since september, yes, september, when i was asked to be a assistant resident manager at the house. you know i live in a boarding house, right? i live in a boarding house on capitol hill. i may not have written about that yet.

anyhow, one of the perks of the job is that i was promised that as soon as one of the managers moved into the carriage house at the back of the property, i would get her room. so, like a good girl i waited, and waited, and waited...september, october, november, december, january, february, then halfway through march and it finally happened. let it never be said that i don't have patience. let me tell you though, it can be very agonizing to wait seven months for something that could happen 'any day now.'

nevertheless, my day finally came, and i decided to take a much needed mental health day from work to rest and then get a jumpstart on my move.

after lazing about all morning i finally got and gained the motivation i needed to get started. isn't the first step of moving so daunting? when i wheeled the luggage cart into my room i had no idea how i was going to transport so many things with one little cart.

i decided to load up my craft supplies first and to get my work table set up so that i could have something familiar and pretty to look at every time i came up with another load.

the move actually went very quickly, mainly because everytime i brought a load to my new room, i could set it up as it had been in my old room since the furniture was identical. this is a picture of my dresser drawers. instead of packing all of my clothes, i just switched the drawers out! what a time saver. i did the same with my desk drawer, and with my heavy bookcase.

my new room is at least twice the size of my old room, with a larger closet, two windows instead of one, and....

my own full bathroom! it may be drab and uninspiring, but it's all mine!

i have a feeling that this picture is going to get cut off when i publish this post. this is the card i made for my friend and neighbor, another manager, that i left behind on the 2nd floor. it's a little elephant that i pieced together from different papers to remind her that i would never forget my time with her (we were being dramatic). get it? elephants always remember? maybe it's a bit of a stretch.

(ok, the picture is cut off, i'll try to fix it later)

i've really been enjoying putting together my new space and fine tuning the layout. even though the floor are the ugliest tile in the existence, having more room is so fantastic that i can barely contain my joy. and the bathroom, oh, man...


Sharla said...

Having your own bathroom IS inspiring! Happy moving!

Hey, have you seen this neat-o thing where you can zoom in on the inauguration? And can you find yourself? :)

Jill said...

Those 7 months must have felt like forever! How exciting to have a bigger room and your own bathroom! I am excited for you.

emilysuze said...

Sounds very exciting to be living in a boarding house! Hooray for finally getting to move and hooray for being so exceptionally smart about the move--I would have never thought to just switch out the drawers!

And cute elephant! You make the cutest cards and crafts. Have you thought about starting a store on Etsy?

michelle said...

Ooh! Having your own bathroom is a huge luxury! And how nice to be able to just swap out the drawers, etc.

aunti said...

The wait was well worth it.....your very own bathroom. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

mom said...

All that moving comes from years of experience. Now if we could figure out how to get 4 loads in a Honda, we'd be set.