Saturday, November 7, 2009

:::Fall Under the Wire, Part 1:::

Somewhere along the lines I forgot that the leaves were changing colors and failed to go out and take any pictures. Last weekend I finally got some shots just under the wire. My sister and brother-in-law went to Pennsylvania to see the leaves, so I went down to their apartment on Saturday to get their car and do some shopping.

On my short walk to Cap South I saw some great fall specimens. Oh, these colors!

This next photo is representative of that classic East Coast look -- brick sidewalks, row houses, street parking, fall leaves, and a church steeple in the background. There are a lot of old fashioned church buildings back here. That wasn't completely random.

These other photos may not be fall related, but I love, love them.

This fall grouping photo would have been perfect if not for the Texas flag in the background.

Oh, sorry, Sarah. I meant that the Texas flag makes the photo even better.

After some shenanigans involved with getting to my sister's apartment -- taking the wrong train (how is that possible now?), a missed bus, an emergency stop at a mall bathroom, and catching a cab outside of a Ritz in my tracksuit and Crocs -- I finally picked up the car and set out down King Street towards Old Town Alexandria.

On my way there I was a picture taking fiend. Look at these houses! Once the temperature and humidity drop I love this area and feel so happy to be here.

I was enamored with this long line of pumpkins interspersed with these lime green fruits/pods that I couldn't identify.

{This house was my favorite}

It stretched on for quite a few houses, and I wondered which family had come up with the idea, and who had taken the time to set it all up. I also wondered if the youths would go to town smashing it all later that night.


Jill said...

I'm glad you didn't miss seeing the fall beauty. I have always wanted to visit the East in the fall!

You got some really gorgeous shots. How did you get the one with all the water droplets? Wow!

Sarah said...

At first I thought, "I didn't go to Pennysylvania this week." Then, I realized you have another sister. LOL

michelle said...

Fabulous photos!! The second one made me gasp. But I loved them all.

I'm pretty sure those green things are road apples! My mom collects them in PA. They are so cool, but they get very stinky if you keep them indoors. Way cute outdoor design!

rebekah said...

Pure dumb luck! I was waiting for a light to change, and I just leaned over the bush and snapped the photo without even looking at the screen!