Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:::Mushrooms & Onions, or Just Cheese:::

I was so worried about my humidifier because I had been sick all week. Bad sick. Miss work sick. Take 7 hour naps in the middle of the day then sleep all night sick. Then I felt better for a few days, but then on Monday I started feeling worse. Today I went to the doctor, and guess what?


and also, sinusitis!

The pills I have to take are an inch long...

and more than a quarter of an inch thick.

Do you want to bring me some Gatorade? Send me a pizza? Come keep me company so I don't have to talk to myself anymore? Last week when I was home I had a bad case of sick induced musical tourrete syndrome. I left no less than 4 singing messages on my sister's voicemail which she claims she had to erase because the first one freaked the dog out. What-evs.

Recently, I've started doing impersonations of famous bloggers. Want to hear my Design Mom impersonation?

'I'm Design Mom! I live in New York, and I've got fiiiiive kids.'

Nailed it, right? I have no idea. I've never heard the woman speak before. I have no idea where I pulled that from. What is wrong with me?

Oh yeah, pneumonia. And also, sinusitis.

Here's a picture of me from last week when I was responding to attorney emails at home. I'm important, dang it!

{the day I stopped showering}

Actually, it was just one attorney. Apparently he had come into the library and wanted to know where the work was that I was supposed to do for him. Woops. So happy my boss has my cell phone number (not). Anyhow, I had to email the IT department and figure out how to log-on to our server, then forward the project to the attorney, yadda, yadda, yadda...hey, that's life in the fast lane, kids. I'm a career girl, I'm a career girl.

This is me on a day that I did shower...

That's my new warm mist personal humidifier. Yeah, boy. Add in the humidifier that I had to borrow from my sister's friend last week, and I've got a grand total of thu-ree humidifiers right now.

But, I still want one more...

I want to win this Crane penguin humidifier from Today's Give Away. These cute Crane humidifiers are the best in the world. Why? One, it's whisper quiet. You can't hear it at all. Two, it produces vapor that you can actually see. C, the dial lets you control exactly how much vapor comes out.

Sarah has the cow one for the kids and I've used it during both visits. I sleep with it at night, then in the morning I bring it downstairs and sit at the dining room table sucking that cool, sweet air in from the cow's ear. One morning Sophie walked passed me and I said, 'Hey, you wanna take a hit off of this?' Ha, ha! That joke is funny because it's inappropriate.

Is this post still going on?

To recap --

1. When I was little I had pneumonia and my mom checked on me every half hour to make sure that I was breathing.

2. I have been sick for 2 weeks now.

3. You can order the pizza online and have the driver leave it at the front desk. I will come down and pick it up from there, just make sure you pay the tip online when you place your order.

4. Attorneys think they're the most important people in the world. Guess who thinks this is true? Attorneys. Guess thinks this isn't true? Everyone else.


Jill said...

Apparently you're very funny when you're sick!

I wish I could hear the musical messages you left your sister.

I love this: "That joke is funny because it's inappropriate."

I hope you get better soon.

michelle said...

Oh dear, oh dear! I've had pneumonia and sinusitis and it is no fun at all!! (Pneumonia a couple of times as a child and during each. one. of. my. pregnancies.) I feel for you, Rebekah!

I wish I could send you goodies and reading material and movies and pizza and keep you company as well.

I also died over "hey, you want to take a hit off this?" You ARE funny when you're sick! Hope you feel better soon.

Sarah C. said...

I don't know what kind of pizza you like or even where you like your pizza from, Rebekah. These are two pieces of information that I require in order to fulfill your request.

Much appreciated.

Sarah said...

You're a nutcase.

And you DID scare the dog.

When I played them on speaker, Pocket shouted, "BUKAHH!!!" right away. Apparently, your voice is very memorable.