Thursday, November 26, 2009

:::Things I'm Thinking Of:::

For $1,000 a month I could rent this 4 br house in my sister's town in Texas.

Do you know what I could rent for $1,000 a month in my neighborhood?


Still struggling with the mental insanity part of being sick. I've got major cabin fever and am literally going in-sane from two weeks of on and off confinement. Heaven help me.

P.S. -- I've added a Glenn Beck impersonation to my repertoire. Goes something like this, 'I'm Glenn Beck, and I'm an idiot.' I do think I nailed that one.


Jill said...

That's just crazy that $1000 could rent a huge house like that in Texas but can't get you anything in D.C., wow!

I'm sorry you're going crazy. Can you sneak out for a walk around the block or something?

michelle said...

Holy cow, that house is enormous!

My dad had Glenn Beck on here the other night when he was visiting and I almost had to go for a walk just to escape him...

Sarah said...

Hmm. That's less than my mortgage. Grr.