Saturday, November 14, 2009

:::I Won't Bring Up the Tapioca Because I Know That Hurts Your Feelings:::

{Posing for Scott}

Yesterday, my oldest sister turned fourty-three.

Woops, thirty-three. Sorry, Sarah.

Sarah is the oldest. I think you know what that means...Need I say more?

Woops, I keep forgetting that birthday posts are supposed to be nice.

Let me begin again.

Sarah is old.

Ha! Ok, ok. I'll stop. Honestly, mom. I'll stop.

Let me give you a small taste of Sarah's life right now.

{Working on numerous craft projects at the same time. In full disclosure, in this picture she's sewing the bag I made her make me the last time I visited. I kept telling her in my best Kathy Lee voice what a good little seamstress she was.}

{Diapering the child that will break her.}

{Feeling like a failure as a mother on a daily basis. Who knew motherhood was so rewarding!!}

{Cleaning up one mess as another is made.}

{Driving all over the town taking two kids to two different schools and running errands.}

{Taking care of the dog that everyone else wanted more than she did.}

{She takes care of the fish that I bought for Sophia. Ha! Sorry, dude.}

{She fixes real dinner every night and packs some for Donny's lunch the next day. One night I got hungry and ate part of his lunch by accident, but that's neither here nor there.}

But sometimes she has fun, too. Like when we went to the bounce house and she went down the slides with each of her kids.

And she's good at being nice to her kids even though they are taking years off her life.

And she's crazy. Also that.

Happy Birthday Sarah! We all love you and hope that sometime soon you'll take a well-deserved break. You just hang in there, just hang in there...


Jill said...

This is a fun, sisterly birthday post!

michelle said...

Oh, I could relate to so many things about Sarah... from the kids taking years off her life to the dog that everyone else wanted!

mom said...

The nicest gift given...

Sarah said...

I'm dying of laughter. That was hilarious. I really AM crazy! Who knew? Those photos are horridly accurate.

Hey, and I realized that you adults are just as responsible as the kids for making my life crazy. Rude!
Thanks, Bekah. You're so sweet. I love you!

Sarah said...

The tapioca was a childhood mistake! I didnt even know that almond extract existed! How would I know that it wasn't vanilla extract?!?!