Saturday, November 7, 2009

:::Good Times at Good Stuff:::

A few weeks ago it was my friend Precyous's birthday. Presh works at the front desk during the day at the house, and I have taken her under my wing and forcibly made myself her mentor. I have always wanted to mentor a youth and impart my wisdom on one of the rising generation.

Presh turned 19 that day and wore a tiara to celebrate. She said that she got a few strange looks on the metro and felt somewhat embarrassed at first, but then she realized that she was a grown woman and could do whatever she wanted. Go on.

One of the housekeepers who is friends with Presh also came along. For most of the outing I was privvy to the, ahem, intriguing world views and conversation styles of two 19 year old girls. Wow, just, wow. They are such, such dorks.

We went to Good Stuff Eatery and enjoyed burgers, fries, and shakes. I felt so old being with them since I was totally in the doting supervisory role -- I talked them through the menu, ordered for them, and of course paid. Then I waited for the food, got condiments and napkins, and passed everything out and set up their little plates. Honestly though, it was fun and slightly humerous to be in that mom role.

Of course, the food was delicious, and Good Stuff had their A game on with the toasted marshmallow shakes that day. I am not a dessert person, but I would never turn one of these down.

After we walked back to the house -- saying hello to everyone we passed, especially the 'hot' policemen (girls!) -- we had brownies that my friend, and other resident manager, Carissa had made. Then I gave Presh here gifts, which were a grouping of little things that I had made or put together for her. I have to say, this was my most successful multi-present organizing/wrapping attempt ever.

But the good times continue. The next day Whitney, my old roommate from BYU, came through DC and stopped by my house. We walked over to Good Stuff in a classic torrential DC rain storm, and yes, I had another toasted marshmallow shake.

{Excuse our less than awesome self-portrait. We really did get soaked.}

It was great catching up with Whit again. She's still in her residency in Cleveland, and is stressed to the max but still doing well. I have no idea how anyone makes it through medical school and residency without losing their mind. Or their spouses and families. Seriously.


Jill said...

How funny to think of you playing the mom role to those 19 year old girls, but really 19 is SO young these days!

A toasted marshmallow shake sounds so good. What's up with not being a dessert person?

I LOVE the grouping of presents you gave Presh, you have a way!

Sarah said...

Bekah, those gifts look awesome! Well done!

Brittony said...

I remember being 19. Those girls need all the help they can get :) I did... Remember? That was how old I was when we became friends, Buddy. Holy cow... I feel old.

michelle said...

I LOVE that you made yourself a forcible mentor! Pretty smart, actually, because they might not even know they need one...

what IS up with not being a dessert person?? Man, I would be so much thinner if I didn't have such a sweet tooth. (Or maybe I would just eat more of something else...)

rebekah said...

Oh, I just eat more of other things ;). I'm a food person, big time. I'd rather have an extra helping than dessert.

mom said...

I am so proud of you, dear. This is what all your work and study has led to. A Mentor!!
I am glad the shakes were good this time. It all makes me so hungry. And of course the gifts are great!