Sunday, February 14, 2010

:::3 Hour Block:::

Today marked our return to church after a two-week snow hiatus. We had a larger than average nursery this Sunday, and by the end of the third hour I was worn out. It's funny how quickly you lose your church stamina after only a short time away.

This is a picture of our entire nursery room. The whole thing, the whole shebang. When we have a lot of kids and parents who linger, things get tight very quickly. You'll notice the portable radiator in the background. Our meetinghouse is actually a converted Safeway that is about the size of one and a half Creameries on 9th. Tiny, tiny, and not very well insulated. I think the nursery must be in the old frozen food section because it is painfully cold in there during the winter.

The girl who gives me a ride every week gave me these cheery Gerbera daisies this morning for Valentine's Day! I was so excited, and so happy to meet another single person who loves Valentine's as much as I do. The whole 'Singles Awareness Day' movement baffles me. As my mom said once, 'It's a day about pink and red and flowers and candy and hearts, how can you not love that?'

And how can you not love my improvised flower vase? Needs must.

The night before our first snow storm I bought some shelf-stable, no-cooking necessary groceries just in case we ran out of food at the house. Now I have the distinct pleasure of eating through my rations. Did you know that SpaghettiO's have a full serving of vegetables in them? Well, gee, that makes them practically gourmet.


Jill said...

2 hours in the nursery is always exhausting.

I love flowers in your improvised vase!

A whole serving of veggies, who knew?

scrambled brains said...

Nursery is a hard calling. My sympathies :).

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! was on the 12th I believe?

michelle said...

Nursery is definitely exhausting. As is primary, I'm finding. Interesting about meeting in a converted Safeway! (And thanks for putting the size in terms we can understand...)

LOVE your mom's take on Valentine's day! Love it.

Sarah said...

My classrooms are half that size, but I have four of them. I think it makes it feel less like "jail" to be able to move from room to room. At least that's what I tell myself.

I don't like being cold in church clothes. That would make me cranky.