Monday, February 15, 2010


I have an uncanny knack for calling my sister while she's trying to get the children out of the bath and into their pajamas. So much stress! So much commotion! So much yelling (children) and crying (sister)!

Once they were done with the pajama routine it was time to clean-up the playroom. Someone named Molly had pulled all of the books off the shelves and turned over all of the toy bins. Sensing the frustration in the air, I told Sarah I'd call her back later when the little terrors were finally in bed.

At times like this I always like to end our conversations with some well-timed words of wisdom, so before we hung up I trilled in my best sing-songy voice, 'Remember, it's a blessing to be a mother!' She responded, 'Yeah, well it's not a blessing to be a maid.'

Ha! Point granted.


michelle said...

Oh man. Touché is right!

I have had many a conversation that ended prematurely because of all the commotion and crying at my house.

I like your attempt to end the call with words of wisdom, however!

Jill said...

I thought you were going to say that you hung up the phone and cackled to yourself..."sucker!" Because that's what it feels like to me when my sister gets to go home to her own place and do her own thing in her own messes at night!

Sarah said...

They're tearing things apart right now and hitting me and screaming and making me nutzo.
Why haven't you called?