Sunday, June 27, 2010

:::Nobody Does it Better:::

My parents are old people, older than your parents (or the same age, if you're older than I am), so I grew up watching old people tv. I thank them for this greatly.

Now that I have a television again, I'm able to catch one of our all-time family favorites -- Masterpiece|Mystery! -- without having to resort to less than, ahem, kosher means. Did you watch Mystery! when you were little? Watch this now, and wax nostalgic.

I just finished watching this evening's presentation of Miss Marple: The Blue Geranium*, and who should I see?


Miss Glasson adultering with The Count Orsino!!!!!!!!!

Here are some things that I love about British tv:

1. They cast regular looking people. Real live, regular looking people that you would see walking down a normal street in a normal town.
2. And, for the most part, these actors can act. Imagine that.
2. The British love them a mystery, and they do them so well. I love mysteries.
3. After you've seen a couple shows, you'll recognize at least three faces in every new show you watch. At this point I feel like I'm bff with Joanna David and Selina Cadell.

Ooh, another Marple** just came on with Jackie Collins in a supporting role. Suh-weet.

I realize this is one of those things that no one is going to care about, but there you go.

If this short discussion on the topic of British television didn't excite you, here's something else -- I made yogurt cheese today!

Mmm. I love magical food transformations.

*Anyone playing Miss Marple besides Joan Hickson is a blasphemy, but Julia McKenzie is a breath of fresh air after the dark, dark days of Geraldine McEwan's reign.

**A remake of 'They Do It With Mirrors.' I'm glad there's still enough interest in the material for people to remake the old movies, but the new ones just aren't quite right, are they?


Jill said...

I didn't grow up watching Masterpiece Mystery, but do enjoy catching them now and again.

I enjoy your observations about British TV and totally agree with you.

How goes your new place? Will you be giving us a tour anytime soon?

michelle said...

I didn't watch Mystery growing up, but now I want to!

I agree completely about British TV. Except I don't love their comedies. Love their dramas and such and their everyman casting. And I enjoy recognizing actors from other productions.

I've always wanted to make yogurt cheese!