Saturday, April 4, 2009

:::general conference -- saturday morning, april 2009:::

what i loved in this session --

Sister Lifferth: use the titles of 'sister,' 'brother,' 'president,' etc. teach children the proper language of prayer, and how to address diety (these are two of my biggest pet peeves).

Elder Neider: be learned students of core principles. one of the responsibilities of quorums is to eliminate sloth.

Elder Allan F. Packer: a testimony is to know and feel. conversion is to do.

Elder Christofferesen: covenants give us power to smile through trials. if we follow the covenant path we will find a steady supply of spiritual gifts and help.

Elder Eyring: if we make it to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever, our spirits will be permanently changed and we will want what They want. through this, we will have the opportunity to have and teach an eternal posterity.

what i did --

panic at the beginning of the session when i could not get firefox to open conference through the byu website or through the church website.

i finally got media player (boo) to work in internet explorer, but it eventually paused to buffer the stream. unacceptable.

i finally, finally got conference to open in the move network player, which i love, love, love and watch byu tv on all the time. no buffering! no pausing! the feed is slightly delayed, however, more so than media player. but, it's steady, and that's all the matters.

during the session i started organizing my craft supplies in my new book shelf...

but before that i had to take it down and nail the back on...

my papa george would be so proud!

i'm making headway.

ignore the hideous floor.


Sarah said...

I loved that quote about the difference between a testimony and conversion, too. That stuck with me.

mom said...

Elder Hales -
Excessive debt diminishes our self worth and agency.
Be a provident provider - joyful and content.
Do not covet.
Tithing helps us avoid excess.

And finally - Be aware that the adversary knows us very well and therefore he knows our weaknesses.

April said...

Cute handwriting, I love it.

michelle said...

I loooove those IKEA jars.