Friday, April 17, 2009

:::in the pot, one week old:::

{i started this post a week ago, and guess what? i've lost my blogging mojo again. oh well, here we go...}

1. one of my friend's attorneys came back from a business trip to new york and brought back bagels. she gave me one, and it was like a chewy piece of heaven.

2. one of my other friends at work has been teaching me that hand slapping game. as you can see, i'm not very good at it. he won't play with me anymore because he said it looks like he's been beating on me. ha!

3. last week, my friday started well enough with warm weather and a non-rushed morning. i even had ample time to sit down on my bed and sew on a button. my blinds were up, the window was open, and my sheers were dancing in the breeze. it was quite picturesque, so domestic, and i wished i didn't have to go in to work.

remember this, my children -- all good things must come to an end.

4. work was not awesome that day. happily, i did see these mega-tall tulips on my lunch-time-lightening-strike trip to the trader joe's in foggy bottom. the heads were almost as big as dessert plates.

5. we had a service auction in relief society more than a few weeks ago. i offered three months of good mails (fun notes, packages, drop-offs, etc.), and once i explained the concept the bids came pouring in. at the end, our new relief society president won.

i won a vip tour of the capitol. no, that's not how you spell my name. i rarely correct people in instances when it doesn't really matter.

the end.


Rachel and Jeremy said...

Your service auction sounds really fun! Our enrichments lack some of the spunk and pizzazz that I think would inspire more than the 10 of us regulars to come...

emilysuze said...

I like the sound of a service auction! I might steal that for our ward since I'm sort of, kind of the slacker enrichment leader...

Sharla said...

Ooooh, I'm going to steal that good mail idea-- good one. Hey I need you to write a new post, because that bagel greeting me right at the top of the page is making me hunnnngry.

Sarah said...

I love bagels.
I love your service donation. Brilliant.
I love those tulips, but they're kinda mutant huge scary.

michelle said...

Oh, how I love real bagels. LOVE them.

Good mail is the perfect thing to give at a service auction! Brilliant.