Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:::a storm a comin':::

last night i made a quick jaunt to eastern market to pick up my calling cards at kinkos. i saw this:

them clouds are green, sister.

since i'm down with frontier life, i knew...

it was time to seek shelter....

but because i'm a documentation loving blogger, i was torn between a primal urge to save my life, and a blogger's need stop and take photos...

when the thunder started rolling, life won out.

yet, ever seeking solutions, i decided to take videos instead. i present them to you below.

video video

the heavens opened shortly thereafter. the only protection i had was my other recent purchase -- annette's mother's day gift.

sorry moms.


Sheans said...

I'm glad you chose life. It's always the better choice.

michelle said...

I didn't know about green clouds!