Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:::things i want you to know:::

1. my sister and her family are going to the real-life ingalls homestead in south dakota this summer on their way to visit my grandma in hot springs. je-al-ous. rebekah loves her some frontier stories. for a portion of my early years -- when i wasn't living in full envy of nancy drew -- i wanted nothing more in life than to dig out a sod house on the banks of plum creek. remember when they took snow and poured maple syrup on it? laura ingalls, bless her. funny thing, though, i can't stand the little house on the prairie tv show. i'm a sipher, i tell you what.

they've started reading all the little house on the prairie books together in anticipation of their trip, and now i'm tempted to run over to barnes and noble on my lunch break grab my own copies. i think spring time is the perfect season to reread laura ingalls, or to discover her for the first time. my sister elizabeth hates stories about the american west. now that girl is a sipher.

spring is also a great time to go back to l.l. montgomery. again, love the books, can't stand the film adaptations, save the wonderful performances of the excellent colleen dewhurst and richard farnsworth. movie anne? kinda want to slap her -- hard.

prince edward island...that's someplace else i need to visit. the ingalls homestead, prince edward island, and middle earth (new zealand for you).

2. silk-tie-dyed easter eggs. who knew?

3. calling cards. spotted them on how about orange. get the template here. i had some printed at kinkos and will pick them up tonight. i'll let you know how they turn out.


Sharla said...

LOVE Richard Farnsworth. Jealous of the Little House trip. Love the cards. Love the eggs. Love Nancy.

Sarah said...

I'm telling you. It's going to be the vacation that dreams are made of! You should really come. If you google "LIW", sooooo many fun sites will come up. It's quite obviously a sign from God that I should have a new obsession. Buffy and LIW. So similar.

emilysuze said...

I didn't know that people still left calling cards! You find the most amazing things.

michelle said...

I love those calling cards!

If you love stories about the American west, have you read These Is My Words? Or The Diary of Mattie Spencer? LOVE them.