Friday, February 13, 2009

:::don't be a hater:::

item 1: it is not valentines' day, it is valentine's day -- a day for saints (yes, plural, who knew?) named valentine, not a day for all of us valentines, catch my drift?

item 2: why are there so many valentine's day haters? seriously, people. don't complain to me about the greeting card industry and hype and single awareness day, and blah, blah, blah. you're talking to a girl who has never had any kind of romantic entanglement on valentine's day, and it's still one of my favorite holidays. as my mom said, 'it's all pink and red and white, how could you not love it?" amen, mother. how could you not love this day about love?

don't have a man? so what. make cards for your friends, reminisce about the past, dream about the future.

in a crappy marriage? oh well. there's always the after life, right?

ha. i crack myself up.

and don't get all holier-than-thou about expressing your love all year long. get over it. sure, there are 364 other days to tell someone you love them, but there's only one day where the whole world celebrates your love along with you.

stiff upper lip, people. don't join the hoards of the bitter and depressed. celebrate tomorrow for what it is -- a happy little day of love.

{birthday post coming on Sunday}


Sarah said...

I'm with you. I love this holiday! I was thinking yesterday that one of the reasons might be that it's the first holiday that "looks" like spring. You know? No more dark, rich colors. It's fresh and exciting after the fall and winter holidays. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!! and thanks for the gorgeous cards for the kids. Sunshine was in awe of her initial in bling.

annette said...

Like I have said many times, "It's all pink and red and white. What's not to love?" And I still love it. How can you resist? And chocolate!

emilysuze said...

Thank you for the V-day card! It was so cute, thoughtful, and unexpected. Hooray for Valentine's Day...even though I try to pretend like it isn't a big deal, I always end up making it into something big.

This year I woke up before Chris and plastered the house with hearts. I'm such a cheeseball. :)

rebekah said...

emily -- i've been wanting to heart attack someone my entire life! i'm jealous.

Tracy Ngu said...

I received the Valentine's Day card from you! Thank you so much, it was a nice surprise in my mailbox!