Saturday, February 7, 2009

:::two-second valentine's craft:::

i was reading how about orange last night when my attention was caught by jessica's instructions on making heart shaped paper clips. i remembered that at one point i had obtained (read into that) some multicolored paperclips, and i crossed my fingers that i hadn't tossed them out in one of my whirlwind purgings.

i cracked open my desk drawer, and...yes!

so i followed the simple instructions and was really pleased with the end results.

this is the only creative thing i've done in more than five days, and it felt good to make something pretty at the end of a sad little week that ended in tears. don't you hate those weeks? so blah and weepy and low-energy. oh well.


annette said...

I am so craft challenged I went through 3 clips before I got it!

rebekah said...

i had to try a few times as well.

Sarah said...

I love that!

Anonymous said...

Right up my alley! I am trying it!