Tuesday, February 3, 2009

:::work -- january:::


here's to my first month dedicated to my word for 2009 -- work! january has been a big month for me, full of spiritual leaps and bounds, changed attitudes, prayers answered, joys received, trials, frustrations, setbacks, annoyances, a little bit of everything.

to show my dedication to work, and to my resolutions, i tried to keep a running tally of all the work i did this month. i wanted to record all the tasks i completed, all the things that needed to get done but i didn't want to do, as well as anything that i've been putting off and avoiding, and some things that i knew i would really enjoy doing but had hereto lacked the motivation to get started on.

here is my incomplete list, and keep in mind that i'm away from home from 9 am - 6:30 pm every day, so my spare time is limited. also, running errands after work is my absolute least favorite thing to do during week, so i really had to push to do things at night --
  • filled in when someone needed me
  • stood in the boiler room for an hour after midnight (more about this in march)
  • on the same night, unclogged 3 toilets (diddo)
  • on the same night, cleaned up barf in 3rd floor bathroom (diddo)
  • walked to market
  • took bus instead of cab
  • dealt with utah license
  • read sunday school lesson
  • played piano in relief society
  • tracked eating
  • learned more about nutrition
  • listend to my body
  • talked about church to people
  • tried patience
  • cut down snacking
  • went to lunch presentation
  • furthered new friendships
  • read ali edwards's blog (almost couldn't handle it)
  • talked to people when i didn't want to
  • walked past metro center to gallery place
  • stopped by library to get books
  • organized supply binder
  • found Bishopric member to give tithing to
  • turned in settlement form
  • returned phone calls (i hate talking on the phone!)
  • returned emails (struggle with this as well)
  • 5 loads of laundry
  • 2 trips to dmv
  • worked on motivation at work
  • ran errands after work twice in one week, more times after that
  • went to stake conference
  • made collage
  • did research on buying new computer
  • did research on buying new camera
  • learned more about digital photography
  • moved occasional chair to basement
  • set up table
  • organized craft supplies
  • got mom's package ready
  • downloaded fonts
  • downloaded inspiration photos
  • organized photo files
  • organized desktop icons
  • went through books again
  • researched this, and that, and that, and more of this...
  • changed bare minerals subscription
  • pulled clothes, folded and bagged them
  • weeded through toiletries
  • put toiletries in shoe organizer
  • blogged
  • read and commented on blogs
  • went to a church activity at another ward
  • 3 loads of laundry
  • organized resolutions into chart
  • formatted, printed, posted chart
  • cut 30+ Easter cards
  • worked on design for Easter cards
  • taught myself how to download fonts
  • made bed most mornings
  • cleaned room repeatedly, day in and day out
  • cut down Easter cards
  • downloaded more fonts
  • designed v-day cards
  • unsubscribed email address from annoying messages
  • filed important papers
  • redesigned v-day cards
  • made v-day cards
  • addressed and sealed v-day cards
  • organized address labels
  • 5 loads of laundry
  • swiffered floors repeatedly
  • multiple trips to get water
  • multiple trips up and down the stairs (4 flights!)
  • planned lunches
  • shopped for lunches
  • worked overtime
  • covered bulletin board
  • hung bulletin board
  • made lists and more lists and more lists to stay organized
  • took photos downtown day before inauguration
  • walked to inauguration
  • stood outside for hours for inauguration
  • walked to american history museum
  • went to Bishop's appointment after work
  • raced home when needed
  • mailed things
  • returned things
  • set appointments
  • organized desk
  • tried early morning workouts
  • recommitted to work (a lot of specific tasks associated with this one that i won't bore you with)
  • weeded closet again
  • studied style principles
  • looked thoroughly for right pair of shoes
  • road bus multiple times
  • loaded more, yes, more fonts
  • wrote
  • read
  • solved major portion of computer problem
  • organized night stand
  • kept receipts
  • asked for help
  • organized ribbon
  • got money for cabs
  • fought again bad attitudes
  • tried new hair styles
  • attended to beauty routine
  • fought to stay happy
  • organized craft supplies (again)
  • designed shelves!

my approach to work this month has been to get the job done. my personal mantra was 'pound the pavement', hence the picture. i walked, road the bus, metro, and cabs, everywhere i needed to go in this city. at home i pushed, pulled, cleaned, weeded, folded, organized, sweated, wrote, solved, lifted, carried, fixed, mopped, and heartily prayed my way through the month.

what a month.

next up, i'm going to keep on with the physical and task-oriented nature of work, but i have a feeling february is going to take a more spiritual turn...


Rachel and Jeremy said...

Pretty e-mazing list. Maybe I should make a list for myself...maybe I'd be surprised at what I'd accomplished in a month's time. Were you surprised?

I came across this scripture today and thought, "Amen!" Perfect for "times like these." 2 Corinthians 4:8-9. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

That makes me tired reading it. Put your feet up!

rebekah said...

i was actually under-surprised, in a way. i thought i would have to do more after-work errands, but i didn't. i still got a lot done though!

Sarah said...


Have you gotten these fonts yet?

Aunti said...

I'm such a loser! My list: Woke up, went back to bed, ate, showered, taught RS, fed dogs,pd bills, read nieces blogs, played Diner Dash,walked dog, and went to bed again and again!
Love you.