Saturday, February 21, 2009

:::snapshots do-over -- saturday, february 21, 2009:::

my sister accused me of being in a bad mood yesterday, probably in regards to my spelling rant, so i decided to do a snapshots do-over for you today.

1. today was a housekeeping day, though i feel like i did more shifting and stacking than genuine cleaning and organizing. oh well. at least i was able to put things away that had migrated to various places over the course of the week. that always feels good.

as i was getting started this morning i had to make a special trip to the bathroom just to get water, not to drink, but to fill up various containers. there you see the big blue reservoir for my humidifier, the evian bottle that i cut the top off of and use to fill my clothes steamer, and the little purple spray bottle that i spritz my houseplant with.

besides that, i usually have at least two cups in my room, one filled with ice and the other filled with water. i'll have to post about my ocd tendencies with mixing ice water some other day...

2. my boss took me out to lunch yesterday for my birthday. we went to my least favorite place in the area, but the lunch was still decent and of course it was a very nice gesture. i ate my leftovers -- crispy fish burrito and fried plantains -- for lunch today.

3. the cutest little girl in the universe turned 6 this week! she called me this morning to tell me that she is about to lose her first tooth, and the realization that we can't keep her from getting older actually hurt my heart. losing teeth? she might as well be a teenager. i can't handle it.

when she told me she had a tooth that was 'a little bit loose like it's falling out,' i said, 'NO!' and she quickly replied, 'TRUE!' she so funny, but seriously, who is this grown up child? anyone else remember this?

sunrise, sunset...

4. laundry time! i had to make three trips downstairs before there were enough washers open to accommodate all of my loads. i could have done single loads throughout the morning, but that drives me nuts, so i waited until i could use four machines at once.

5. the girl who cleans my room each week gave me a collection of scrapbook papers for my birthday. i was totally floored by her generosity. on the outside of the package she had written funny messages like, 'just a bunch of stuff i stole from your room,' and 'there's nothing in here, i'm poor.' receiving her gift was one of the best parts of my birthday.

inside the pack were these dividers to separate your papers with. how fortuitous! i really needed these and was about to make some myself. score!

6. speaking of being crafty, i've really lost my inspiration. this afternoon i was determined to make something, so i started a small decoupaging project that i eventually had to throw away because it was so heinous. i guess i'll stop forcing it until i get that loving feeling back.

7. during our conversation this evening about, what else, my life, my mom was giving me career advise and at one point made a reference to 'hemingway and his drunken friends.' i really like my mom.

8. i went to the little market near my house tonight to get dinner for tomorrow. i also picked up these hit cookies that i remember eating at my french friend's house all throughout childhood. i had to laugh after examining the packaging and discovering the descriptions written in english and spanish, though they were made in poland by a company based in germany! ah, globalisation...

and yes, i did just spell globalisation with the common british spelling, even though the OED has this to say about that...

"... some have used the spelling -ise in English, as in French [...] But the suffix itself, whatever the element to which it is added, is in its origin the Greek -izein, Latin -izare; and, as the pronunciation is also with z, there is no reason why in English the special French spelling should be followed, in opposition to that which is at once etymological and phonetic. In this Dictionary the termination is uniformly written -ize."

chacun à son goût.

but tonite still isn't a word.


mom said...

Are you saying they weren't a bunch of drunks? Do you think she will photograph the tooth for us? I hope so. I am sure she will save it...oh wait...that 'tooth fairy' will take it. And don't go looking for a shoebox of baby teeth in this house. The 'tooth fairy' is real!

Aunti said...

What until she says she is going on her first date.....that feels like the end of innocence.