Sunday, February 1, 2009

:::Fast Sunday -- february 1, 2009:::

where did i find...

  • a good reason to enroll my kids in sports?
  • lessons about scrubbing door steps?
  • and further answers to a prayer i uttered less than 24 hours ago?

this morning i set up a little tower of spiritual edification to study during this Fast Sunday -- my scriptures, my journal full of notes, 3 months of the Ensign, and a few issues of the Church News.

i ended up focusing solely on a special edition of the Church News about virtue. this issue was a-mazing because it featured an article for each of the facets of virtue -- peace, faith, honesty, chastity, humility, fairness, self-discipline, cleanliness, moderation, and grace -- written by different members of the Church.

if you get the Church News, i hope you took the time to read through it. i took many notes and highlighted a lot of passages that really touched me. to be honest, i usually pay passing attention to the Church News, so i'm very thankful that i was prompted to hang on to this issue until i was willing to sit down and study it.

this was my favorite quote from the entire paper: "comfortable lives require no courage." that is exactly, exactly what i needed to hear, and what i need to remember in this stage of my life.

to see more of my notes and the sections i highlighted, click here.
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Sarah said...

That is a great quote. Really great. My mother in law subscribes and sends them to me every few weeks. What issue is it?

Brittony Shean said...

You just made my day. That quote is exactly what I needed today.

PS: The Museum of American History really overwhelms me tooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you subscribed. Maybe I should. I will share this quote with Audrey. Her husband just took his second 10% cut in pay. They are ok because they have lots of ways to cut back. But these are hard choices for them to make because they have been able to do just about anything they wanted for so long.

rebekah said...

december 2008? it was a special issue. i'll pdf it and send it to you and mom.

rebekah said...

dec 27, 2008.