Friday, July 24, 2009

:::Day 7 -- Mormon, Therefore:::

D Red A Y Seven  on Tile
{Wherein we learn that late night blogging makes me philosophical}

I ended up riding the bus twice this week with a woman from my ward. We sat together and talked, talked, talked about life and work, but mostly about church. Each time I got off at my stop I felt so energized, and I felt so happy that out of the thousands of people in this town, I have a built-in network of people who, by commandment, have to love and care about me. Zion works, people. Watch me live in it and see me prosper.

Being a believer in a sea of disbelief is like living in a refiner's fire. I'm sorry for the cliche (too tired to figure out how to accent that 'e'), but it works. The flames either burn out your weaknesses and make you purer and stronger, or they destroy you because after the impurities are gone there's not much to be reckoned for. While living in the strange lands, sooner rather than later you'll be forced to make an important decision about how Mormon you're going to be. Will you wear it on your sleeve or sweep it under the rug? (Hint: receive His image in your countenance)

I'm happy that being in DC has made me 'more' Mormon. I read a quote somewhere (too tired to source it now, maybe tomorrow?) from a prophet or member of the Twelve Apostles that said we should not say, "I'm am Mormon, but...," but should instead say, "I am Mormon, therefore..." It's the therefore should dictate the content of our lives, not the but...

I am proud to be 'Mormon, therefore.' If people ask me why I don't drink, don't smoke, don't see rated R movies, and on, and on, and on, I just say, "I'm Mormon. We don't do that. I don't do that. Do you want to know why?" In my youth I tried to get away with an evasive, "Er, I just don't want to.' But these days I'm all about owning the name. 'Oh, I'm Mormon (always said with a big smile).' And, what?

When people ask questions, I answer them. When people try to spin the truth and get antagonistic I say, 'Hey, that's awesome, but I've been a member my entire life. Want to hear how things really go down?'

Bring it. I'm Mormon. I like you just as Jesus does. I'm kind, I have hope, I try have perpetual goodwill towards all mankind. I pray, I study, I ponder. I'm part of something that you should be a part of too because it will uncover the greatness in your soul.

I'm Mormon. I like it that way.

And, what.


Sarah said...

You tell it, Sista.

I've found that when I own anything, it makes encounters better for me. It might not change anyone's perception, but at least I leave feeling good that I didnt cave/hide/wallow.

Jill said...

Interesting thoughts here. They reminded me that one time I heard someone say, "If you were accused of being a Mormon would there be enough evidence to convict you?" That made me think that it should be obvious to someone if they were to visit my home, hang out with me and so on.

emilysuze said...

You rock. I loved reading this post.

It's been this year and this ward and this time that has really cemented things for me. And I'm getting to where you're at, slowly, but surely.

michelle said...

This is great, Rebekah. I love the image of the refiner's fire, it really makes sense to me. I like the therefore vs. the but as well.