Saturday, July 25, 2009

:::Day 8 -- I Guess Everest Is Out of the Question:::

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Stairs are my mortal enemy.

Stairs -- with their sharp incline, their unrelenting repetition, one right after the other, killing me slowly, not letting me stop, forcing me against the heavy pull of gravity.

Stairs. Grr...

Tonight's blog post brought to you by a locked up elevator, aching knees, and a sore back.


Jill said...

I'm always disturbed by how winded I become by even one regular set of stairs. I try to keep it together, breathe deeply and be positive, but I'm pretty much undone by stairs.

michelle said...

Stairs are killer for bad knees!!

mom said...

I worked so hard on those stairs everyday. I am on the second floor and I decided I could do it. So up I went. Up and down all day. When I needed to use the restroom, down I went and around the building and then up again. Oh those much pain.

I would come out of the stairwell and hope I could catch my breath before someone saw me bent over and wheezing. I took to saying the alphabet backwards and saying nursery rhymes just to distract me from the climb. It worked.

Then the worst happened. First the knees, then the ankles, then the whole leg. It turns out the medication I have to take, causes serious joint and bone pain. So the climbing is on hold for awhile, but I haven't given up. I will climb again!

emilysuze said...

I feel the same way about stairs, except for the day I went into labor with Baby P. The contractions stopped, so they had me walk the halls and climb up and down the stairs to get things moving again...but now that I think back, it was probably the pitocin more than the stairs that helped. :)