Saturday, January 17, 2009


tonight i went to the adult session of stake conference.

ooh, that sounds kinky.

wow. ignore what i just said.

anyhow, when i got back home at 10 o'flippin-clock i ran over to the korean market two blocks away to get some health foods for the next three days.

i just told a lie, i bought stuff for nachos and an egg salad sandwich. also, some other items that i may or may not own up to. i'm so sorry.

anyhow, i told one of my friends that i was going to the korean market, and she said, 'the korean market? huh?' and i said, 'dude, the market on the corner,' and she said, 'oh, i guess the owners are asian, i just never thought of it that way.' that's when i realized that i should keep some of my nicknames to myself. but it's ok, i'm brown.

did i just say that?

i bought some chips at the market to eat with my egg salad sandwich. i had high hopes for these chips, as i do for all chips, really. anyhow, they tasted totally gross, like packing peanuts soaked in potato juice. here they are in my trash...

grandma utz, you should be ashamed of yourself. if my grandma made chips like that i'd slap her across the face. it wouldn't be elder abuse, though. people shouldn't make chips that nasty, no matter how old they are.

i saw a pigeon tucked into a corner on my way home from work yesterday. either it was dead or it was resting, but i guess being dead is like resting, just longer, and the next time you wake up it's the millennium.

i just drank two big cups of chocolate milk.


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scrambled brains said...

Hot chocolate laced with...espresso? Oh Rebekah, how I MISS you!

Brittony Shean said...

This post is exactly why I miss you and why you need to move closer to me so my children may know the wonderfulness of Auntie Rebekah. Please?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there to join in the crazy fun. Not that you are crazy. I meant fun crazy, honesti

I think the pigeon was trying to get warm and wishing it was gone to pigeon heaven.

Tracy Ngu said...

Rebekah you crack me up!