Wednesday, August 5, 2009

:::Day 19 -- ....{snore}...huh? what?!:::

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There is a special kind of sickness that settles over offices during the month of August. It drains energy levels, saps strength, and dampens motivations. I'm only one of many infected workers who are weary and bone tired, and almost too fatigued and too lazy to drag themselves into the office every day. Keeping my eyelids open is a minute by minute struggle as I sit hunchbacked and slack jawed (Rachel?) in front of my computer all day. I might have put forth 2-3 hours of honest labor today, max. That is a sad state of affairs.

Like I said, though, I'm not the only one. Half the town is gone on vacation,* and the half of us that were left behind are struggling big time to stay in the game. As I walk around the halls of my office I feel like I'm swimming through molasses. There are glazed eyes and heads full of cotton around every corner. Oh, the agony of the office in August!

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will do better. I will finish cataloging the six books that I've been working on since, um, Friday.


I will file updates for at least one publication. I hereby ban myself from all of my frivolous internet surfing. I will organize at least two portions of my desk.

Beyond the wall of lethargy, I will prevail.

*This is, apparently, an East Coast thing to do. People just pack up shop and leave for a good portion of the month. Many of our attorneys won't be back until the end of the month.


Jill said...

It seems like everyone should be able to take the month of August off for a long holiday like Europeans do. It's just too hot to work.

annette said...

I am taking the whole month off, without leaving the building. Shhh, don't wake me!

michelle said...

Too bad you can't leave for August as well! It is too hot to work. And when so many people are gone, that saps your motivation as well.

Sarah said...

My ward leaves in June and doesnt come back until the week before school starts. We didnt even fill the overflow yesterday.