Saturday, August 15, 2009

:::Day 29 -- Life in 12 Mega Pixels:::

letter D A Y Miniature Pool Ball 2 number 9

My new camera finally came today. Yee haw! I'm most excited about the upgrade from 5 to 12 mega pixels. Can you see a difference? I think I can see a difference. I'm hoping I can see a difference. Granted, I only took about 5 pictures, so I'll have to take more photos tomorrow.

I did not buy an SLR. First and foremost, I didn't want to pay for it. Second, at this point I don't have an interest in learning how to use a serious piece of technical equipment. Third, I can't cart a big camera around town with me every day. I'd look like a tool. People on the metro would mock me. Coworkers would laugh. Children would throw rocks. Fourth, I didn't want to pay for it.

12 mega pixels. One for every year since I was born, times 2, plus 3. That's got to be significant.


Sharla said...

Congrats! Loving the added megapixels. Also, your eyes are ridiculously pretty.

Jill said...

How exciting!

michelle said...

Hooray for a new camera! I enjoy my SLR, but it definitely is not as portable and easy to use as my smaller camera that I can keep in my purse. That is a huge plus and therefore I use it WAY more often! Have fun.

mom said...

I am sure the age thing is significant, but most of all I am very impressed that you calculated it. You must have been faking the math challenged thing forever.

Sarah said...

New cameras are so fun!!!

emilysuze said...

Have fun with the new camera!

I'm wanted to upgrade to the SLR because Parker is always on the movie and he ends up blurry with my little ol' Sony. Oh well, he'd probably still end up blurry since I don't know how the heck to use a fancy schamncy camera like that.