Wednesday, August 12, 2009

:::Day 26 -- Scrapbook Factory Deluxe:::

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Yesterday I snagged a copy of Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0 at Staples for only $10 with a rebate. I've wanted this program for a long, long time because my blogging friend Jill used to use it to make all kinds of cute things.

So far I've had a great time testing the different features the program offers. It's very easy to use and almost foolproof. Even though most of the templates and graphics are completely heinous, there are a few that I thought were actually quite cute, and it'll always be helpful for making my own projects from scratch.

After fiddling with the program this evening, I made this Summer School page to document all of the things that I've learned, as well as all of the progress that I've made towards my goals this summer. Below is a link to a PDF version that you can print out and use to create your own Summer School list. I love that I can create PDFs with this software to share what I make with others. I love freebies!

Kingsthings Typewriter

I think I'm going to cut off the white edges and mount the page onto kraft colored cardstock (I printed the page itself onto regular 110 lb. cardstock that I got from Staples. Nothing fancy there). For my text I think I'll type up a list or a few shorts sentences, then cut each sentence out and paste it onto the page. I'll post some pictures of the finished product when I'm done.

I can tell that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, I've got big plans for you and I.


Jill said...

Woohoo for you, apparently you didn't have much of a learning curve! It took me awhile to find my groove with it, but now I use it every single day of my life! I seriously can't remember how I ever did anything before this program. Now I do all my good mail labels and cards with it, plus all my visiting teaching handouts, presidency meeting thoughts, primary program seating chart and so on. It's crazy.

michelle said...

Kristi tried to send me a copy of that program a few years ago, and I was devastated to find out that it didn't work on my Mac. Bummer!!

You'll have fun playing with that, I am sure.