Friday, August 28, 2009

:::SFLC Forever:::

As the new school year begins at the old alma mater, I feel duty bound to share some advise with BYU students new and old based on my own time as a cougar. Learn from my mistakes, chickens.

1. Don't waste your time being bitter. You won't win any awards or gain any friends.

2. Be thankful for who you are and what you have, but don't be afraid to improve yourself.

3. Realize that you're jealous of most of the people that you make fun of. Figure out why.

4. The gospel always comes first, even before all the edifying things you will encounter in art and literature and philosophy. Everything of beauty points to the gospel, but they do not replace it.

5. If you really hate BYU, if you think the atmosphere is crazy oppressive, if you honestly think Utah is lame, then leave. You aren't gracing anyone with your presence.

Sarcasm doesn't make you cool or intelligent or better than anyone else.

Oh, young ones, enjoy it while it lasts.
It is the best of times.


michelle said...

I love this!

Nothing bugged me more at BYU than the people who were irked about the honor code. Well, duh! Don't sign it, then!

Jill said...

Excellent advice Rebekah!

Sheans said...

Oh the things I would do over again. I wish I had someone to give me good, solid advice when I was a young BYU Coug.

vintagelaundress said...

Marvelous advice!

mom said...

As the mother of 3 BYU alumni I have fond memories of those days. I can't believe it was so long ago. Your advice should be published and posted anywhere there is a stick pin.

lelly said...

fabulous advice! while i can't speak to the BYU aspect of your thoughts, i believe the same advice could be given to ALL inbound college students (and MOST adults that i know!!)

Sarah said...

So true. It was the best time! So much independence. I didnt even have a real life job and rent was so cheap. Man oh man. Oh, and I had all of that energy. Where did it go?

Sarah said...

Do you remember when I was a BYU Operator and we worked in the basement of the SFLC and it was all hush hush about where we were located? It as so funny.

emilysuze said...

I really wish I had gone slower at BYU and enjoyed my time there more. These are all great words of wisdom. While re-writing my resume to submit to a grad program, I realized that it's been five years since I graduated. I can't believe it's been so long. I miss it.