Friday, August 7, 2009

:::Day 21 -- Just In the Nick of Time:::

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What do I have to say for myself today? Not much, I guess.

Earlier in the week I requested today off as vacation time. It feels like it's been forever since we've had a holiday, and Labor Day is just too far away for me to wait, so I made my own little holiday.

I woke up early enough to see the my room...through closed blinds...while in bed. Hey, it counts. It was the funniest thing, one moment everything was blue-y gray, and then the next everything was warm-y yellow.

I bummed around my room for what felt like half a day, but it was only 10:40 a.m. by the time I left to get a pedicure. By that time I had eaten breakfast, conducted internet business, ironed, done three loads of laundry, showered, gotten dressed, put on makeup, and tidied things up a bit. Clearly, my ability to properly conduct my life is greatly hindered by the amount of time I spend away from home everyday.

So, I got a pedicure. I brought along my orange Mini Shorts Essie polish and my toes look nice and summery. I also like their hot pink Punchy Pink that I use on my fingers, and I've got my eye on this gray color that I saw at the salon. I'm generally not that into nail polish, but sometimes I get on these kicks, you know.

Then I went all the way to Costco and bought enough lunch food to last until the Rapture. Then I ate one of those hand dipped ice cream bars and felt so happy to be alive.

{I'm racing against the clock until midnight!}

Then I came home and cleaned my fridge with ammonium and almost passed out from the fumes.

Then I had to take a nap for a while because I had a headache.

Then I got online and bought a new camera because mine is now officially, officially broken.

Then I watched some Twilight Zone episodes on Netflix.

I love milk.

The end.


Jill said...

I like your holiday! Did you mean to wake up so early or did it just happen? My holidays usually involve sleeping in, but I can definitely appreciate being awake for the sunrise even it means seeing it through blinds.

I think I need a photo tour of your home because it's hard for me to picture the whole thing...just an idea for day 22, 23, 24 and so on.

lelly said...

you are my favorite pick-a-little girl!!

i need a vacation day like that :)

Joie said...

I caught you peeking! Only because I have heavy surveillance on my blog...if not for Feedjit I would have never know that you had reappeared in cyberspace. I'm glad to know you are blogging again. You hold the distinguished position of being the most creatively expressive and articulate person I know. I spent an hour reading through your past postings and was reminded of the Rebekah I know, but with a fresh, positive perspective on life. You are truly inspirational.

aunti said...

U.Eddie had the same feeling....but he tiled the bathroom floor instead of a pedicure. his color was tan marble!
;) Aunti