Thursday, August 6, 2009

:::Day 20 -- {Random Adjective} + {Random Noun} Photography:::

letter D Educational Brick Letter A y11 Fishing Match Peg Number 2 0 (zero)

Remember when we all had cheap cameras and we hated that our images looked like this?

But now we all have expensive cameras and we go to great lengths to try and make our photos look like we're still shooting with cheap cameras.

Tonight I tried my hand at photo editing in GIMP, a completely free photo editing software (comparable to Photoshop). I'm pleased with the way it turned out, except for that black dot on Sophia's head. Ignore that, my mouse got away from me for a second there.

It's funny to me that this does look exactly like so many photos from my childhood. I like the way the photo looks overexposed, the way the colors are muted and soft, and that you can see the light in Buddy's hair. Sometimes it's nice when photos don't exactly imitate what you see with your eyes. It makes it more magical, I think.

Anyways, by next week I'll probably be ready to start my own photography business. For a small fee your family and I will trespass onto someone's private property where I'll take your photos on rusted out pickups in overgrown fields. And then I'll stick your baby in a basket or something and photograph that. We'll just play it by ear until the cops come.


michelle said...

There is so much you can do with photo-editing software, I fear getting lost and never finding my way out!

Jill said...

My photo editing skills don't go much beyond cropping. I have no photoshop skills whatsoever, and can barely squeak out a blog banner every month.

scrambled brains said...

I'm in! Book the Bauers for a trespassing photo shoot!

ma said...

I have so many old photos like this one.I am glad they are considered stylish to someone.

aunti said...

I love you Beka! You always make me smile : )

Sheans said...

How much would it cost for you to come trespass in Delta? Because we have lots of spots to trespass, and I'd love to see how many crazies would pull out shotguns on us. I'm just saying.... it could be fun.

Sarah said...

That's hilarious. You crack me up! Would you like to do a sessio here when you come visit? There are some railroad tracks that we could take photos by. They're deserted, but still illegal to trespass on. That would be fun.