Thursday, August 27, 2009

:::Snapshots -- Thursday, August 27, 2009:::

1. I left work early today because I was feeling really fatigued. I took a cab home -- which I'm always game for -- and got a little sad as I drove past all the museums and realized how much I missed the hospitable weather of fall and spring. Pretty soon I'll be able to move about comfortably again. See ya later summer, you won't be missed.

2. When I was talking to my mom tonight I heard my dad break out into laughter in the background. Apparently he was watching football bloopers. I always like hearing him laugh that way.

3. I've started reading the Book of Mormon again, and I'm highlighting every instance when someone directly asks the Lord for help in a prayer, how the Lord answers back, and what the outcome is. I'm using a new paperback version, so the pages are free of previous marks. This will be exciting and should give me some good examples and guidance.

4. Why haven't there been many pictures on the blog lately? To be honest, I'm not loving the new camera. I guess that in the few years between when I bought my first camera and when I bought this one, Canon decided to be cute and switch up some of the functionality of the A series. I feel like I have less control now than I did before, and the way the buttons work annoys me.

5, Yeah, ate the whole thing.


Jill said...

I always see those Ben & Jerry containers as one serving...MINE!

michelle said...

Yeah, Summer in D.C. does not equal comfortable! I'm hoping the weather cools down soon.

I like your Book of Mormon reading idea.

emilysuze said...

I've never had the Banana Split...I'm feeling the need to hit up the grocery store tomorrow to snag some. :)

mom said...

Your dad is always amazed when I eat the whole thing in one sitting so sometimes I stretch two days. I think I will start "working late" once a month and sit by the beach with Ben & Jerry.

Sarah said...

Ew. Hate B&J.
Love you, though!

Rachel and Jeremy said...

Word. About summer going away, in particular.