Thursday, August 13, 2009

:::Day 27 -- Friday?:::

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Almost, almost, almost...

I'm struggling to organize and efficiently manage my life right now. I'm just finding it difficult to put everything in its place and process the regular demands of life that are coming my way. To add to that, I don't feel fully engaged in the things that I'm doing, and I feel completely passive towards the goals I would like to accomplish. Each day I watch bad habits or those frustrating sins of omission pile on top of each other and pin me down. Heaven help me. Have you ever been able to break a cycle?

My goals for this weekend are:

1. Fold laundry
2. Do more laundry?
3. Turn calendar page to August and fill out commitments
4. Budget, with real figures, into October
5. Finish work area cleanup
6. Restart meaningful scripture study

I wish I would buzz ahead to next year. Then at least the same-old-same-old would look somewhat new to me!


Joie said...

I used to think that I always needed to be "motivated" to make changes, but I've noticed that even really passionate people aren't motivated all the time. Emotions ebb and flow. The only thing that separates me from what I want is discipline.

Jill said...

Oh dear, feeling passive towards goals kind of makes it sound like they're not really goals, just wishes or something.

I'm not so good about keeping goals myself, so I tend not to set them in the first place. The only one I've done really well with is scripture reading, and that's because of using the scripture calculator and having a set schedule. Maybe making a schedule for every goal is the way to achieve them!

michelle said...

Maybe all of my goals are mere wishes right now, because I'm struggling with the same thing.

And I'm cracking up over you not turning the calendar to August yet!

Sarah said...

I hate turning my calendar, too. It just stresses me out. I think it's because I overschedule myself with things I don't actually want to be doing.