Sunday, January 4, 2009

:::ben's chili bowl:::

last tuesday mbc was in town again, this time with her friend becky. we met at ben's chili bowl during my lunch break so that we could all enjoy this dc landmark for the first time.

{i blurred my reflection out of this photo due to some bad, bad double chin action}

becky has such pretty eyes, and mbc's hair was looking fantastic that day (we are fuzzy hair commiserators).

what can i say about ben's? they serve chili on almost everything. how could you not love it?and if you're bill cosby or a member of the obama family, you get to eat for free anytime you want.

don't mind the freaky lumberjack...???

mbc had purchased a one-day pass for the metro which have pictures of obama on them to commemorate his upcoming election. get them while supplies last! :)

{doesn't mbc look hot in this photo?! she looked great in every photo i took.}

we parted ways at galley place so they could go to the spy museum and i could take the metro back to work.

this is the third time i've been able to see mbc this year! i can't tell you how much seeing her helped ease my transition from utah to dc. she brought a large portion of familiarity and comfort with her on each trip and i am very thankful for that.

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Tracy Ngu said...

The pic with the freaky lumberjack is cracking me up! He looks like he was just told that a black man was going to live in the White House!

annette said...

I love all of the pictures. You look so pretty! And it's nice to meet the faces of your friends.

The comment about the lumberjack made me laugh so hard it hurt (literally).

I don't suppose we can pass for Bill Cosby or an Obama, but whose to say we can't pay our own way? Just think, we can be part of the stimulus package. From our pockets straight to the pockets of Main Street. Who needs a middleman/woman (i.e. Congress, President, Economic Adviser)? Well you get the point. Give us money, we will spend it. It's off to Ben's for us