Friday, January 30, 2009

:::snapshots -- friday, january 30, 2009:::

1. it snowed this week, and, oh, mamma mia, people freaked out. this town.

i have learned that i can't handle a winter without snow; it's just too cruel. it's cold and gray, you never see the sun, but there's no lovely snow to wake-up to, to watch fall from a picture window, to cover the brown grass and dead trees...alas for mid-atlantic winters.

2. one of my favorite people at work left to start a new job this week, and i was invited to her farewell lunch along with some of my other favorite people at work. in total it was four of us staff members and one attorney who is only a few months older than i am. she provided the supervision (use air quotes with that one) and the company AmEx. we ended up staying at the restaurant for two hours and we laughed the entire time.

this is a picture looking out from our table. the main dining room had a row of tables running down the center that were set in little semi-rooms. the walls were made of dark wood panelling and stood about 7 feet high, and at the opening of the room there was a heavy green curtain on a brass rod that could be drawn to provide privacy. it provided such a nice atmosphere for our jovial (yep) group.

these are the doors leading out of the restaurant. aren't they pretty?

3. wednesday night while i was laying in bed i tried to see if i could watch my youtube videos on my phone.

score! british mysteries on the go, my life is complete.

4. i got my second issue of seeing the everday this week. i haven't read most of the first issue, but i still recommend it for the pretty pictures. there you go.

5. i'm so glad it's friday. i felt every minute passing by today at work. weekend, welcome! i've got my monkey slippers on and i'm not going anywhere.

6. today my mom had her last chemo treatment! more on that later. she'll be sick all weekend, and then, THEN, she'll be done, done, done with those horrible (but life-saving) treatments!! on to radiation...

7. my posts of late have only been these snapshots and then the weekly spt. admittedly, i haven't been in the mood for blogging this past week. i hope these snapshots work for you at least a fraction as well as they work for me. i like them because even when i have zero motivation to write i can still do one of these posts and get some documentation down.

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annette said...

I love your snapshots. They give me a view of you and what you are doing. I love the random things you choose to photograph, all the while, knowing they are not random to you.

Let's thank Aunti for those monkey slippers. Comfort from home.

Rachael said...

A guy I went to business school with started and runs Seeing the Everyday. Where did you hear about it? It currently only has about 800subscribers.

Sarah said...

I love your snapshots.
I think a winter without snow is soulless, as well.
And yippee for the end of chemo! The kids have been thanking God for that all weekend!

rebekah said...

rachael -- i saw a link for it on someone's blog. how funny!

Rachael said...

Cracker, from my blog, is the one that started that magazine with 2 of his friends. They need about 4,000 more subscribers to break even so get to your marketing efforts :)