Monday, January 5, 2009

:::slip, slip, slip:::

well, the first set of bedding came and i was hugely disappointed with it. the bedspread was silver, not steely-blue as it appeared online. with the gold pillows it was an ensemble more suited to a vegas playboy, so i bought a new duvet cover and some silky sheets from amazon that i not only hoped would match, but that would fit into the scheme i was going for.

well, i couldn't be happier! the blue of the duvet is the exact color that i was going for, and the sheets match it almost perfectly!

i'm really enjoying the look of the solid color coordinating sheets underneath the duvet, which is stuffed with the down comforter my mom gave me for Christmas. perfection. sometimes things just come together.

beside providing wonderful aesthetics, my silky sheets have completely changed the comfort of my sleeping. i'm a big tosser-and-turner, so now i can flip over as much as i want with the slightest of ease. it's heaven.

i also love the way the bedding matches the bulletin board squares that i covered with some of the paper i bought at paper source. this is my most successful decoupaging experiment to date and i'm so happy with the way they turned out. chartreuse is one of my favorite colors and the polka dots add an enjoyable amount of playful freshness to that corner of my room.

coordinated bedding in my 27th year -- check.
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