Saturday, January 17, 2009

:::necessity and invention:::

a couple of sundays ago i tried to do something creative with the Proclamation. didn't turn out so much. the Proclamation, which was thouroughly ruined, went into the trash and i saved the rest of the items that could be salvaged for some future use.

among these items was a thin piece of cardboard that i had decoupaged a strip of decorative paper onto. the wetness from the decoupage had bowed the cardstock, so i wasn't sure how i'd ever be able to use it and i just tossed it on my work table. i looked at it from time to time without much thought, until one day i suddenly realized this little piece of bowed cardboard was the solution to a household problem i've been trying to solve for a long time.

i swiffer dust my room at least once a week, as needed. the building i live in is very, very old so dust accumulates at an alarming rate. i use the swiffer duster instead of the swiffer broom because it does double duty on both my furniture and the floors, and i think it traps things better than the sweeper does.

the only problem is that i don't have a dustpan, so i'd always had a hard time getting whatever dust, etc. that i'd collected into the trashcan. well, one day when i saw this piece of cardboard left sitting on my desk, i realized it would make a perfect dustpan!

yes, that's dust from one week, if that. granted, there's also a lot of scraps from projects i've been working on lately.

anyhow, i'm really happy with this solution. i didn't want to spend money on a dustpan because i don't really need a full-sized one and i'd have to find someplace in my small room to store the ugly thing. this solution works out so well because it's functional and looks really good. i'll probably put a layer of decoupage on top of it to ensure it lasts longer and punch a hole in the top so i can hang it from a ribbon near my trash bin.
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annette said...

Just another indication that things happen for a reason. I am so happy to see you are keeping your home clean.