Wednesday, January 7, 2009

:::spoon sisters:::

i just found the best gift website, ever. have you heard of spoon sisters? if you have, you are cooler than i, my friend. here are just a few of my favorite things so far...

{i actually tried to buy the red one in december through amazon, but it was, and still is, sold out}

{i've been wanting a purseket for ages. i get paid friday. you do the math}
{if this paper weight wasn't $40, i'd buy it and stick it on a prominent place on my desk}

{i almost bought these nesting mixing bowls for a gift earlier in the summer from another site. aren't they cute? a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. did i tell you my mom has cancer? yeah, you should buy these}

{why am i never this clever?}

{i want these for my birthday. oh, i love latin!}

the website has a great mix of items -- from funny to serious, whimsical to practical. i love it triple. i'm addicted.


Sarah said...

I love that site. Thanks for the reference. The remote control for kids. Gotta have it.

Sharla said...

This post has made me happy! off to browse...