Saturday, January 3, 2009

:::resolutions and word for 2008:::

{me on the first day of 2008}

so, do you want to know how i did with my resolutions last year?

i rocked them.


in the process of rocking them, i altered and adjusted them as my life changed and inspiration came. reading the Book of Mormon four times in four months? not so much, said the Spirit. just read the Book of Mormon with honest intent and endeavor to seek the words of the Lord. flat iron my hair once a week? if i wanted to be bald by the 30 that would be a great idea, but in the end i decided my ends were more important than my bouncy side-sweep.

wear makeup regularly? le check, please.

walk more? yeah, check that stinker off.

i'm awesome.

and my word for the year? fortify, and boy was that an inspired choice. i'm not going to struggle with words trying to tell you how fortification came to me, just know that it did, and now i am.


Whitney said...

did you already do your 2008 newsletter? did i miss it?

Tracy Ngu said...

I fortify my milk with Nesquick! Good word choice!