Wednesday, January 7, 2009

:::to the ether, january 7, 2009:::

if i were in utah, it would be a cafe rio day. the kind of day where i get a pork salad on my way home from work (black beans, everything, creamy tomatillo) and eat the whole thing in one sitting.

i hereby send all of my problems out to the ether.

ether, do with them what you will.

1. my valentine's cards are going to look better than my Easter cards. my Easter cards are actually going to be a little shotty. don't think me sacrilegious.

2. last night i downloaded special fonts for my valentine's card and spent a few hours designing the cards. i then sent the file to my work email so i could test printing them on the color copier, only to realize today that since the fonts aren't downloaded on my work computer, the special fonts have been converted to times new roman...which means i can't print them out at kinko's either...

3. my sister gave me here old printer. the dvd/cd reader on my laptop hasn't been working lately, so i don't think i can download the printer software...which means i won't be able to print out what i need to for my valentine's day cards.

upside: my valentine's cards won't trump my Easter cards because there will be no valentine's cards.

downside: useless computer, no printer, all that work for nothing.

4. certain particulars of my work situation continue to be a wonderfully faith promoting experience. as of today i still believe that the Lord will never try us more than we can handle...but there are two more days left in this week, and a lot can happen in two days.

i've noticed a trend: oft times, when a single woman expresses her frustrations about anything in her life, married women will tell her that whatever trial she's going through will prepare her for marriage.

here's what i say to that -- if that advice applies to my work related stress, i don't want to get married. send my husband to someone else, assign my kids to another spirit (just make sure she'll introduce them to hobbits. please, don't deny them that, Lord). if this is what marriage and family are like, boy howdy. i'll take my loneliness and my single-income-all-to-myself, move to the south of france, and worry later about explaining myself at the judgment bar. so help me, i will...

5. you may lose a million pounds, but you may also never eat anything that tastes good ever again. how do you maintain your weight when there are over 1,000 calories in a Chipotle burrito? if you can't put cheese on things that nature fully intended there to be cheese on?

is worth it? i'm not sure, i'm not so sure...i think i'd rather eat sauces then see life beyond 70.

sorry, sophie.

sorry, buddy.

sorry, molls.

mom, you'll probably be dead by then, so...


Sarah said...

Cheese is necessary. But I'm fat, so don't listen to me.

Sarah said...

My trials from my pre-marriage days have helped me deal with in-laws that I didnt choose, teachers of my children that I didnt choose, and parents of my children's friends that I didnt choose.
But other than that. Nope. Just trials. =)

Tracy Ngu said...

Don't get married. It's like jail!

You decide if I am joking or not! :)

KC said...

kuk--i think i might have a solution for your v-day cards. download adobe, if you don't already have it, and save them as a pdf file, and then they should print just fine. i think. it's at least worth a try. also--i decided that if i had a choice between never eating dessert again and being 20 pounds lighter, i'd pick the dessert. and the cheese. i wish you wouldn't have told me about the calories in the chipotle burrito though--ignorance really was bliss for a while...

annette said...

What happened to lactose intolerance?

Trails prepare you for trails. Period.

rebekah said...

mom, did you mean 'trials'? the chemo has fried your brain.