Saturday, January 10, 2009

i found another great website this week -- while i was looking around i fell in love with so many things...

{come on, damask packing tape?! so pretty.}

{sold out, but i still want it}

{ben, er, santa put this in my stocking and i love it. the milk actually rests inside the ring, which you freeze ahead of time.}

their shipping rates aren't that great though, so i'd try to find their more generic items someplace else first.
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lelly said...

i am heading to New Orleans for a Hampton Inn conference, and get to spend the weekend prior with Carlo and Natasha. looking forward to a wonderful weekend of crafting, good food, and girl talk!

Sharla said...

I never even imagined damask packing tape, and now I want it desperately.

Whitney said...

that packing tape is simply radical.